While on our way across the Beltway (I-695), we got a flat tire. The shoulder had a guard rail and little room for me and my grandson to try to change the tire which was adjacent to traffic. Fortunately, Donald came along with the State Farm Emergency Truck and quickly changed the tire and had us on our way to meet the other families in Ellicott City. Donald was courteous, pleasant and efficient and we really appreciated his help. Thank you. We are proud to be State Farm policy holders and see the company helping drivers in need.

- Albert, MD Assisted by Donald, Maryland SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Baltimore on July 2

Assisted with replacing a flat tire. The doughnut was attached under the vehicle, with a weird five-sided (pentagon) nut, that my normal tire lug wrench did not work on. Jim - who arrived within minutes of me having a flat - was able to retrieve the doughnut even though he did not have a proper wrench bit. He further helped with replacing the tire and got us on our way. I have roadside assistance - but they would not have arrived for at least another hour, given it was 4th of July holiday. So, the help was very, very appreciated. Thank you! I did not know such a service existed and was very pleasantly surprised. I rarely get such courteous service, even when paid for, and this was freely rendered. State Farm just shot up head and shoulders above everyone else... :-)

- Ravi, NH Assisted by Jim, New Hampshire DOT Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 4

Returning from Newark Airport late afternoon last Sunday a large screw embedded itself into our rear tire. Within minutes our rear tire was totally flat forcing us to pullover to the breakdown lane on a very busy curve on Route 78. Helplessly watching the cars and trucks race by was, to say the least, uncomfortable. It seemed like hours but actually within a short time an NJDOT Safety Patrol truck pulled behind us. Our NJDOT rescue ‘angel’ explained to us, in a calm and reassuring manner, that the Safety Patrol was a free service of NJDOT and he could quickly fix our flat tire. He did and we were on our way. What a relief! Our gratitude goes out to State Farm, the service sponsor, NJDOT and especially the service tech for being there and being so helpful.

- Mark, NJ Assisted Jay, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm– Northern New Jersey on July 9

The patrol driver was named Dan. He was a nice guy because he pulled over to help us. I was driving and unfortunately ran out of gas. I had a broken fuel gauge so I was unaware of my true fuel level. We spent about 10 minutes on the shoulder of the 15 freeway making phone calls to family members and we felt worried that we would be stranded. As soon as Dan came he not only fueled the car but also provided excellent customer service. We went from feeling worried and nervous to feeling safe and secure. It was truly a blessing. He did everything at absolutely no cost at all. Dan, if you're reading this I am home safe because of you. Thank you, from me and my family. God Bless.

- Junior, NV Assisted by Dan, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Las Vegas on July 13

I was taking my son to an emergency dentist appointment when I had a tire blow out going up a hill on 70 just after Myersville. I pulled into the emergency turn around. Another driver from the opposite side of the road with a flat had already called 911. A State Trooper arrived to check the situation and he had called for roadside assistance, so he called for another truck as well. Upton arrived even before my husband got there from Middletown. I sent my son on to the dentist with my husband as I felt confident that I had people there to help me. Upton helped me locate the equipment to get my spare down, changed the tire and put my old tire back in the car in record time. While he was helping me, there was another flat and accident right before us. The other truck had arrived and assisted that vehicle. And another incident where a car ran off the road on the other side. It made me realize what a dangerous situation we were in and how the protection of the State Trooper and the Emergency Patrol were invaluable, especially to a mom in crisis mode and a child in need of emergency dental treatment. Thank you, State Farm and SHA, for making this service a reality and a big thank you to Upton. And my son's smile is still amazing as he got to the dentist in time.

- April, MD Assisted by Upton, Maryland SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Frederick on July 14

It was a nice, sunny day and I had taken my 4-year-old son and 3-year-old nephew swimming. We had been at the pool all afternoon, and were headed home so both could join their T-Ball games. The boys had fallen asleep in the backseat on the drive, until the car began to make noise. When on 480-West, I heard a loud banging, which I thought was coming from my car's engine. Traffic had started to slow due to rush hour. After trying to accelerate my car and hearing the sound become worse, I decided to pull off to the median. The spot I had pulled off on had an exit ramp in front of me, and an on ramp behind me, making this a busy area. I was scared, not only because it seemed like we were very close to rush hour traffic, but because I could see cars in my rearview mirror passing slower cars trying to make the on-ramp merge in the median, just feet behind me. Two cars even coming very close up on my backside. I was worried we would get hit from behind, and that's where the boys were. I hadn't been scared like this in a long time. After calling Cleveland 911, the calming operator told me she was going to request both the police and the Assist Patrol to come and help. She described what the truck would look like, that it is a free service, and that the driver could come behind my car to help with traffic. When Adam arrived, it was like a miracle!! He pulled behind my Toyota Corolla, and put up some caution cones. This made me feel a sense of relief!! He was SUCH a calming and component assistant. He inspected my engine and underneath, and noticed my heat plate around my exhaust system and muffler was rusted out. He explained he's been a certified mechanic for over ten years, and that my car was safe to drive until getting fixed. He was such a helpful and calming person, which was exactly what I needed. What a blessing this was!!! He even spoke with the boys and gave them reflector cards...this made them smile. Thank you for providing this service...and thank you Adam, for your assistance. You were AWESOME! I was truly scared when this happened, and you gave me the help that was needed. Please pass this on to him. :)

- Mandy, OH Assisted by Adam, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Cleveland on July 18

Thank you, Mike for being my Taconic Parkway angel last night! It was such a relief to meet you within several minutes of two of my tires being blown out. You took care of the tow for me and just your presence during a bit of a frightening time and your professionalism was greatly appreciated. I only wish you would've accepted my tip out of appreciation.

- Carrie, NY Assisted by Mike, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm–near Lower Hudson Valley on July 18

I had a bad flat tire on my way home: one of my rear tires got completely ripped while driving on 495. Just as I was wondering how I was going to get home since I've never had to change a tire on this car; Patrol agent Gary appeared seemingly out of nowhere. From the get go, he was a gentleman: courteous, warm and helpful. He gave me brief information about this service from Maryland state--which I was completely unaware of; and then proceeded to help me with the tire change. Gary was quick, efficient and thorough. He even took the time to teach me how to unlock the spare tire from my truck (another thing I was ignorant of). As to be expected, my spare tire was low on air, so Gary inflated the tire to the recommended pressure. And finally, he handed me brochures and explained to me with a little more depth the scope of this free service from the state of Maryland highway patrol. I just wanted to take the time to express my complete gratitude to Gary and to your agency for your hard work and for your dedication, even as was the case with me, most of us Marylanders have no idea that you are there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And of course, I'll be from now on sharing this important resource with all my acquaintances.

- Christian, MD Assisted by Gary, Maryland SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Washington DC on July 18

My Patrol Operator was Aaron and I am serious when I say he was my angel! My car died in morning rush hour on the interstate. My 16-year-old daughter with autism was with me and very stressed out over the situation. We were unable to get out of the car due to the high volume of traffic. I immediately went to phone someone for help and my phone would not call out or receive calls. At this point I was in a panic. Not two minutes later I looked in my rearview mirror and there was my angel! Aaron! He saved the day. I explained the situation of what happened and that my daughter was in distress, etc. Aaron was GREAT! He helped me to return to a calmness, talked to my daughter in such a caring way which brought calmness to her, he checked out some things on my car (turned out to be no fuel...yes, embarrassing to say the least), put a gallon of gas in my car, stopped the traffic to allow me reaccess to the Interstate and I was on my way. I will never be able to express my full gratefulness to Aaron as we were in a seriously dangerous situation, which he took control of and made the day for us! Thank you again, Aaron! I will pray God blesses you for your kindness. I know it's your job, but you did it SO well! Kudos to you!

- Shannon, IN Assisted by Aaron, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm–near Indianapolis on July 19

I was headed into Asheville from Tennessee to get my uncle settled into an Assisted Living Home when I had a flat tire. I called for assistance through my insurance company. I had noticed a State Highway Patrolman on the opposite side of the Interstate from where I was stranded. He was dealing with another vehicle, but I thought how nice it would be if he could be some help. Perhaps he was, because I was anxiously awaiting arrival of service when the Assist Patrol pulled in behind me. Traffic was fast and close on that section of the Interstate! When we established his identity, he was concerned that I actually had a broken axle due to the way the tire was leaning. Fortunately, it had just totally pulled away from the rim and he was able to simply change the tire to a spare. As the Assist Patrol, Bill was finishing up replacing the lugs on my tire, the other company showed up. They were both very congenial and complimentary of each other and agreed their main goal was to safely get folks back up and running without further incident. I was very relieved to be back on my way and off a very hazardous roadway. I was unfamiliar with the Assist Patrol Program until this, and wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Bill and State Farm for providing such a wonderful service to the travelers in North Carolina, and hope they continue to have safety themselves as they strive to ensure that for others.

- Marcia, NC Assisted by Bill, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–near Asheville on July 23