It had been raining for three days. Roads were awful. I was driving on the highway, four miles from the next exit when my tire went flat. Of course, I had a shiny new jack, but it was in my garage 30 miles away. With no way to prop up the truck I knew I'd be there for hours until a tow truck showed up. I was on the phone and didn't notice the State Farm truck pulling up. The driver, Matt P. knocked on my window and asked if I was ok. I explained the situation and he told me to go sit in the truck and he took care of the rest. He was extremely helpful and had a great positive attitude that reassured me I'd be getting home soon. He thoroughly inspected the spare tire, added some air and swapped it out. It was like watching a one-man NASCAR pit crew. Grateful for Matt and for State Farm sponsoring this program.

- Ozzy, FL Assisted by Matt P., Florida’s Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol on June 7th

I popped a tire. My phone was dying, and I called my family. While I was on the phone, the NH safety truck arrived. I have no idea if someone had called them, but they arrived not even 2 minutes after I had popped the tire. The driver of the safety truck introduced himself, and I explained I had a flat tire, and I had a spare in the trunk. He replied, he would take off the popped tire, and put on the new tire, and he would do everything for free. Within 10 minutes I was back on the road. What would have taken a couple hours, took a couple minutes. Two words ... Life saver!

- Nehemiah, NH Assisted by Phillip S., New Hampshire DOT Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm– Spaulding Turnpike on June 2nd

I had a flat rear tire on I-15 southbound. Stephen #647 was the best. I was getting ready to call my insurance company, State Farm, to help me with the flat because I did not have a jack. I turned around and there Stephen was walking towards me with a smile on his face and ready to help me. I am so grateful for the Assist Patrol program. Stephen had my tire changed within 10 mins and I was on my way to work. I tried to give Stephen cash for helping me so quickly and being so courteous and taking care of everything for me, but he graciously declined and asked me to visit the website and said that would be great for me. Of course, I want the world to know how he helped me and how grateful I am to him. Thank you, Stephen for being my morning HERO.

- Nourrine A., NV Assisted by Stephen #647, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Las Vegas on June 1st

I WAS SO SCARED! I ran out of gas two exits before my home, I've never had this happen to me before. Pedro M. in truck 401 stopped and helped me minutes after my car stopped. The service he provided was safe, quick and he made me smile! What a cool guy! I wouldn't know what I would have done had he not helped me. AN ANGEL! :)

- Rebecca J., OH Assisted by Pedro M., Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–near Akron on May 31st

I had pulled over on the side of the road because my engine was overheating. I was afraid and not sure what to do. I placed a phone call to my husband who didn't answer. The next thing I knew, this State Farm truck was pulling up behind me... lights flashing. He jumped right out, put out caution cones, and was ready and willing to assist. He was so amazing!! There wasn't much that could be done at that point in time, but he helped me to get back in my car and directed traffic so that I could get back onto the highway. He let me know that he would follow behind me shortly after to make sure that I made it to my exit a few miles ahead. He gave me a card and wrote his name on it in case I needed anything! Noah was my knight in shining armor yesterday! Just knowing that we have such a wonderful tool at our service on the highways in Toledo here, makes me feel a little safer!! Thank you for offering such a wonderful service!!

- Gretchen, OH Assisted by Noah, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–near Toledo on May 30th

I was driving eastbound on route 70 when I blew out my back left tire. I quickly pulled over to the shoulder and saw that the tire was completely flat. It was the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and car and trucks are flying by me. Being that close to the highway made me very nervous. I had a spare tire and was staring blankly at the random tools that sit in the back of my car when Ryder Malone pulled up and asked if I needed help. Even though accepting his assistance would deny my husband the chance to help, Ryder had this cool screw gun that made the whole process quicker. He had the tire switched out in maybe 10 minutes. I was so appreciative of him. He made me feel safer for being stranded on the side of the road. He saved my Friday.

- Kim, MD Assisted by Ryder M., Maryland SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm–near Baltimore Metropolitan Area on May 27th

We were on our way home from a weekend engagement in South Bend, when Chris (#8320) pulled up behind us on I-65 on the north side of Indianapolis, only seconds after we moved to the shoulder of the highway with a flat tire. We were poised there, just wondering, "WHAT are we going to do now?" I looked in the rear-view mirror and there was our life saver, just as if he had anticipated this little disaster even before it happened. Chris showed us identification and got right to work. We didn't even know where the spare tire is kept in our car. He told us and proceeded to get the tire out, jack up the car, and put that spare on in a jiffy. Then he gave us suggestions about where to go to get our tire checked or replaced, and he was on his way. The entire process didn't take more than a few minutes. Thank you, Chris. You were our angel that day. What a wonderful service, provided by the Indiana Department of Transportation!

- William D., IN Assisted by Chris 8320, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm–near Indianapolis on May 1st