"I am very grateful for the work of the two gentlemen with INDOT who spotted my disabled vehicle off of I-465 near Allisonville Road. They pulled over to greet me, and then very quickly, within less than 5 minutes, changed out my flat rear tire and replaced it with the spare we keep in the trunk. I was able to drive the vehicle from there to the local Costco for further inspection and replacement of the damaged tire. I have watched the workers in the Assist Patrol Program help many people in the past, and though I never hoped that the day would come when I might need assistance on the busy Indianapolis Interstates, I sure am glad and grateful that these gentlemen located and assisted me in such an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!"

- Lance, IN Assisted by Tim, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- Central Indiana/Indianapolis Metro area on October 24

"I was driving south on I-25 during morning rush hour. The light for a tire issue came on, and I pulled off to the right side of the highway just before a major exit. By the time I walked around to check the tires and found a front passenger flat tire, one of your patrols was already pulling up. Literally less than 1 minute! His lights were on and I could see he was calling on his radio. He immediately asked if he could change the tire and did it very quickly and efficiently. I was back on the road in record time. The patrol's name was Colin and he was amazing and so nice and made a stressful situation amazingly easy to handle. I am so appreciative of his professionalism and kindness and he definitely went over and beyond to get my car back on the road and safely. Thank you so much. This is such a worthwhile service!"

- Toni, CO Assisted by Colin, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 23

"He was heaven sent. My husband and I switched to continue our travel back home from Fort Lauderdale, on I-75 heading north. I started driving with my two children in the back when I started feeling the car shake. It sounded like I was dragging something. I pulled over and my husband got out of the car. Hmm, yes he confirmed it, our tire was messed up and loosing air. We have no roadside assistance. ‘Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?’ then Jack drove up to us. He was heaven sent. I am so grateful for his wonderful, courteous service. Thank you, State Farm for providing this service on the road for people like us."

- Cynthia, FL Assisted by Jack, Florida DOT Road Rangers Sponsored by State Farm- Ft. Lauderdale area on October 21

"Jim was my savior. I was very frightened and traffic was very heavy. He was very calm and helpful. It was going to take my brother an hour to get to me, but Jim got me back on the road in just a few minutes. I am proud that I have State Farm Insurance. This is a valuable service. I am a regular turnpike rider and did not know this service existed. It is excellent."

- Michelle, PA Assisted by Jim, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission State Farm Safety Patrol on October 18

"A relative was driving on I-26 to the airport so we could catch a flight home when he became aware he had a flat tire. He hadn't accessed his spare tire since he got the truck a year ago, so it was taking quite a while for us to figure out how to change it. They had gotten the spare from under the truck and were just starting to figure out how to use the jack when the State Farm truck pulled up. He immediately saw what was needed and within about 5 minutes, the tire was changed and the spare was checked for air pressure. If he hadn't shown up and helped, we would definitely have missed our flight, so a big thank you to him and to State Farm."

- Marjorie, NC Assisted by North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Asheville on October 16

"The driver, Terry, saw me stranded on the side of the highway 315 Northbound with a flat tire. He then pulled next to me asking if I needed help. I did not have a jack or a lug nut to take my tire off and put on my spare. Once I informed Terry about my situation, without hesitation he told me he would get me all taken care of and proceeded to put on my spare tire for me. I accidentally left my headlights on and my car battery died so he then jumped my car as well. Terry noticed the metal bearings on my battery were very dirty and corroded, so he took out a few tools from his truck and cleaned off all the corrosion for me and made it look brand new. Terry went out of his way to make sure I was okay, for my phone was dead and I was pretty much stranded with no one to call. Without Terry's exceptional and more than expected help I am not sure what I would've done to get home. This was one of the most helpful and professional experiences I have ever had in my life and because of his actions I think I am going to switch over to State Farm insurance for my car."

- Julian, OH Assisted by Terry, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Columbus on October 12

"I broke down at the bottom of an off ramp in rush hour traffic in Syracuse. He helped me by parking behind me and putting his caution lights and sign up so that people could tell that I was broken down and not just sitting at a green light (the sun was bright and it was hard to see my hazards on when coming down the off ramp). He also diagnosed my issue just by me explaining to him what happened to me. I have never run out of gas before in my life--my gas tank gauge has been acting up lately though, and apparently I was just out of fuel. The options down below don't allow me to rate the experience I had as enthusiastically as I would like to. Shawn was a lifesaver and he was so courteous and efficient! As a girl traveling by herself it can be a little sketchy no matter who stops to help you but his friendly demeanor was such a welcome relief in a stressful situation. Many thanks to him and this program. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"

- Cameo, NY Assisted by Shawn, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm- Syracuse on October 10

"I was driving back to Gainesville from the Orlando airport when I suddenly got a flat tire. This was my second flat tire in just two weeks so I was pretty upset, but Sean arrived on the scene and was just a tremendous help. Not only did he help me get the spare tire on my car extremely quickly, but he did so in a very safe manner and was extremely kind throughout. He helped calm me down and had me laughing half the time. I can't say enough good things about Sean and the Assist Patrol Program!"

- Zach, FL Assisted by Sean, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on October 8

"Jeff was so kind. I grazed the ever shifting side wall and popped a tire. I pulled off to look for the spare tire only to find that my fuel efficient car doesn't have a spare. I just dropped over $500 on brakes and preventative maintenance the day before, so I was sitting there thinking of how I was going to swing a tow and a tire. All of a sudden, I saw someone pull up and I thought it was a cop but it was State Farm Safety Patrol. Jeff took care of putting my car on the flat bed and took me to the I-90 Enterprise shop. Jeff talked to the guys for me and got the right tire that I needed and made sure I was okay! I didn't even know this was a thing, but I will be forever thankful."

- MacKenzie, WI Assisted by Jeff, Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 5

"The driver, Keith, pulled over within just a couple of minutes of me pulling over. He changed my tire and was the nicest guy ever. I tried to tip him but he would not accept! He deserved it. I never knew you guys provided this service, but it was awesome! Thank you so much. I am glad to report that we have State Farm insurance for all of our vehicles."

- Michael, NY Assisted by Keith, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm on October 3