My car was disabled on Rt. 29 North near Shakar Drive. There is construction there with Jersey walls on the right and a narrow shoulder. I was not able to move very far off the road. The traffic is two lanes of high speed and just past a yield lane. It was raining. Cars were not moving from the right lane to the left due to the disabled vehicle on the right shoulder as they should. So, I was in a precarious situation. I called my tow service but had to wait about 20-30 minutes. The Assist Patrol saw me and pulled up behind me within 5-10 minutes. Chris B. (Truck 9503) put out some traffic cones, checked on me, explained who he was and assured me he would keep his truck behind me to protect my vehicle and with the lights flashing it was a much better situation. The tow truck driver arrived and loaded my car a short time later. Chris then moved into the lane to allow us to get up to speed and onto the road. I cannot tell you how relieved I was that Assist Patrol was there and I felt protected in a very dangerous situation. Chris' help was very timely, professional and my safety was paramount. Thank you!

- James G., MD Assisted by Chris B., Maryland State Highway Administration Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm - near Frederick on April 20th

Sean was incredible! It literally felt like I was being rescued even though all I had was a flat tire. I was on my way to an appointment with my baby (who HATES the car) and got a flat. I called to ask my dad if he could come help me, but when he arrived it turned out he wasn't so capable (he's not in good health and a senior citizen). The fact that it was pouring rain didn't help either. Sean was not only super quick, but extremely calming and friendly. I tried to offer him a tip which he respectfully declined. He even smiled and interacted with my baby. This man went above and beyond just changing my tire. He really felt like my "knight in shining armor"!

- Jennifer, NY Assisted by Sean, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm– near Albany on April 19th

This is awesome! I drive a 28ft box truck freightliner and the breakdown number said 60 to 90 mins for help to arrive and to put my triangles out, but this rental truck didn't have any, but what do my wondering eyes do see but an Assist Patrol coming to help me. ;) He got out of his truck, triangles in hand, and said don't worry I'm your safety man. He said we keep people safe all free of charge, I couldn't believe it not even a surcharge! State Farm and ODOT you got this one right my day started out gloomy and now it will end bright. I hope you enjoyed this little rhyme because of Noah with Assist Patrol, I know I'll be fine.

- Tammy M., OH Assisted by Noah, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Toledo on April 18th

I had a flat tire on I-270 at the beginning of rush hour. I had called a road side assistance program & they said it would be at least 2 hours before they could respond. I was really not looking forward to sitting on the side of this major interstate during rush hour traffic for that long or longer. Scott R. had seen me as I started to pull onto the shoulder of road and he came back to check on my situation. He had replaced the flat tire with the spare, check the air in the other tires and gave me instructions on how to drive with that 'little' spare tire. Scott R. was extremely professional, courteous & helpful. He had me back on my way long before the other road side assistance program would have arrived. I was so impressed with Scott's service & attitude that I'll be looking at State Farm to rewrite my auto & home insurance when they renew. This is a great service for the community and Scott is a great representative for your organization.

- Joan P., OH Assisted by Scott R., Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Columbus on April 18th

Ryan P., the safety patrol driver, helped us immensely! He saw the car on the side of the road thinking that the car was abandoned, but then cared enough to see my dome light on. He took the time to turn around to come and see if he could assist us in any way. I need to mention that I do NOT own a cellular phone and would have been lost without this assistance on the side of a busy 4-lane highway. He got out in the rain to see what the trouble was and noted that it was a tie rod and went way out of his way to make sure my friend and I were safe and then went further out of his way to drive us home! I would have been lost if not for him, because I was taking my friend to work early in the morning and thus was not dressed or carrying any type of money. I will never forget this act of kindness that this man did not have to show us and I will forever be grateful to God for sending this servant our way. I am not sure who will be reading this, but please KNOW that Ryan is an indispensable employee and if you ask me, deserves a raise and your highest regard. He brought back some faith in humanity to me. Thank you, State Farm, for this service. I am indebted. And thank you, Ryan, you will be in my prayers.

- Tammy L., OH Assisted by Ryan P., Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Cincinnati on April 11th

It was Monday morning April 10th around 7:45AM, I was in the left lane on 287 going eastbound when all of a sudden, my car started losing power. Luckily the traffic was light due to Easter/Passover school break. I was able to make it to the right shoulder just before my car engine croaked. I spent the next ten plus minutes on my cell trying to get help from my insurance carrier only to be told they couldn’t help because I was on a contracted highway. Just as my call ended a shiny, bright HELP vehicle surfaced in my rearview mirror. The driver Bryon came over and asked what was going on, then he opened the hood and quickly advised it was probably an alternator problem. Before I knew it, he had the jumper cables attached and the car was running again. Bryon advised that he could not guarantee how long it would keep running and suggested I try to make it to the next exit which was three quarters of a mile away and there was a parking lot that would be safe to contact a tow truck. Well I made it to the lot and while I was on the phone getting a tow service, I noticed Byron drove by making sure I made it. I still can’t believe how such a horrible start of the day turned out okay. Thank you, Byron.

- Nick, NY Assisted by Byron, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm– near Lower Hudson Valley on April 10th

We have a vacation trailer that is about 36 feet long and we were driving home to Ontario, Canada from Florida. When we were driving through Atlanta we had a flat tire on our trailer. Of course, Atlanta is always a very busy city and the traffic moves along at quite a speed. It can be rather frightening, especially on I-75. We had seen a sign when we entered Georgia about calling 511 if we had any vehicle problems. We immediately called and within a short period help arrived. Our hero was Chris, HERO #556. He was a Godsend. Not only did he help change the tire, but he made absolutely sure that we were safely back on the road. We appreciated Chris' assistance so very much and have already been telling others about him and all the help he gave us. What a wonderful program. Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of our hearts. We'll never forget your kindness.

- Dan & Mary-Jane P., GA Assisted by Chris, Georgia Department of Transportation HERO sponsored by State Farm– near Atlanta on April 4th

This may not be the most eloquently written story, but I am still shaking on what could have happened if I was not rescued by State Farm. March 31, 2017 at 5:30 pm I was driving home from a very long day in the medical profession. It was pouring rain and my son had been calling me asking "when will you be home". I knew I was low on gas but my car gas range said "30" miles and I was 4 miles from home so I felt I would be fine. I felt my car slow down and I pulled off the road - I was on a very busy Interstate at rush hour on a Friday. I turned on my emergency flash lights and was very nervous about my location and being hit (again - pouring rain!). I tried starting my car - it turned over - so in my heart I thought I was the dumbest person in the world running out of gas. I was trying to figure out the safest, most efficient way to get help when I saw a State Farm truck pull up behind me. My initial reaction was they had the wrong person - but I waited until the gentleman approached. He asked if he could help and what was wrong. I told him I wasn't sure if I ran out of gas or broke down. He said let’s try gas first and went and got a gas can. It turned out that was the problem - my car started. I was so thankful and wanted to pay him but he would not take a dime. There are not enough words to say how grateful I am for my Guardian Angel - Jake. What are the odds I make a huge miscalculation and end up stranded in bad weather and within less than ONE MINUTE there is a State Farm Angel there to help? I cannot tell you how scared and embarrassed I was at my mistake - I have never run out of gas before - who does that? Jake was kind, compassionate, and repeated "I am here to help" all while he was risking his life on the highway. It was such bad weather he could easily have driven by and pretended he did not see me. Jake is my hero for his integrity and compassion! Thank you so much Jake!!!! You are an amazing young man in every way. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for your help. I happen to have State Farm car insurance. I am about to insure 2 teenage boys and was going to call around for pricing (I am a single income parent), but guess what? I am sticking with State Farm. You were there when I needed you most and I didn't have to ask. Thank you so much Jake and State Farm!

- Patricia K., OH Assisted by Jake C., Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Cleveland on March 31st

Nicholas A. stopped to see if I was ok when he saw my car stopped on an exit ramp off 240 West. I had called for a tow truck which was going to take an hour to arrive. When I explained about the strange noise in the left front wheel, he offered to take the tire off and see if he saw anything. He found that a small rock had gotten into the wheel well and was rubbing against the brake. Problem solved. I did not have to wait an hour for a tow and I received the most courteous and cheerful service without any hassles whatsoever. Compared to trying to deal with my motor club which shall remain nameless, this was a piece of cake! All thanks to a very pleasant young man with a cheerful smile and a willingness to help out a crotchety person in trouble. Thanks so much Nicholas!

- Janice S., NC Assisted by Nicholas A., North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- near Haywood County on March 30th

I am a single parent, I was headed home using the 95 North Freeway getting ready to exit onto the Salt Lake City, I-15 North ramp. My car front left tire immediately had a blow out and I had to hurry and pull over to the right shoulder median. Honestly, I wasn't really sure which tire had the flat, I just knew at that time something wasn't right. I had originally called my step-father who is a mechanic, but unfortunately, he wasn't able to stop working to assist me. Therefore, I called the Nevada Highway Service, because I remembered seeing other vehicles being helped from driving to and from work. The dispatch specialist was very friendly and had a lot of patience with my panicking voice; the upcoming vehicles were driving really fast and it was unsafe for me to leave the vehicle. Your nice driver pulled up with the flashing lights and help changed my tire; also there was a patrol officer there to assist with slowing down the traffic. All of this happened in less than five minutes of my original call, I was going to call my insurance company, but your driver was there before I could get through to my agent. Listen, this program is truly a "God Sent" and you guys are my heroes. As a single parent who didn't have anyone to help me, I was so very happy someone came to help me. OMG. It was a very dangerous job, this guy was changing the tire and watching the oncoming traffic at the same time. Mr. Jason refused to take a tip after helping me; I was so grateful that I was able to get home to my son. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

- Derita H., NV Assisted by Jason, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm– near Las Vegas on March 30th

Tim W., the driver of Hoosier Helper emergency response truck stopped to ask if he could help. I said my battery is dead and he said he could charge it. I said that would be great and would be enough to get me home. During the charge, I asked questions about the service they provided and he answered all questions and gave me a pamphlet that explained the rest. Thanks to the help, I got home safe. If this service is supported by my taxes, I SUPPORT THIS SERVICE ALL THE WAY. Thanks again.

- Tim S., IN Assisted by Tim W., Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- Central Indiana - Indianapolis metro area on March 28th