The patrol driver was Chris. When I saw his truck pull up behind me with flashing lights, I knew help had arrived! Meeting Chris confirmed that, as he was reassuring and helpful in a very nerve-racking situation. I had run over something driving at about 65 mph on the Interstate, which quickly deflated my tire; then the rim sliced it 360 degrees. I didn't know about Assist Patrol...but someone who had seen my trouble apparently did, and called them for me. Chris was there quickly and he was friendly and professional. I breathed a sigh of relief when he said he could change the tire in 10 minutes–and he did! THEN, he led me to the nearest tire center that was open, as I was unfamiliar with my surroundings. Chris and Assist Patrol were like angels sent to me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

- Jennifer, LA Assisted by Chris, Louisiana DOTD Motorist Assistance Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Shreveport on October 15

As I was waiting for my insurance company to come help me with my roadside, all of a sudden a State Farm truck pulled up behind me on the highway. Dave was eager to help me; even though my insurance is not through State Farm, he told me he would gladly help me change my tire because he wanted me to be safe! This man was completely kind and extremely helpful. I was back on the road shortly and safely. Thank you to Dave for rescuing me! It's people like this that make the world a better place, and because of him and this wonderful service I am now going to switch over to State Farm!!! Thank you so much.

- Laura, OH Assisted by Dave, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol-Cleveland on October 13

I was driving on Interstate 490 in rainy conditions traveling westbound. My windshield wipers broke while I was driving. My wife and nephew were in the car with me. I was standing outside of my truck trying to fix the wipers without much luck. It was dangerous because cars and tractor trailer trucks were traveling in excess of 60 miles per hour past us. Suddenly, a truck pulled up behind us with emergency flashlights which blocked me somewhat from oncoming traffic. Ryan got out of the truck and helped me figure out what the problem was with the wipers. A plastic piece had broken off and that's why I could not get them fixed. He helped me by attaching a twist tie (from his truck) to the windshield wiper blade. He was a LIFE SAVER. My wife and nephew were anxious in the car about me being in the path of traffic and of the possibility of someone hitting our truck. My wife was SO relieved and thankful for the assistance we received from Ryan and State Farm. It felt like we had been rescued by an Angel or Super Hero. THANK YOU RYAN! THANK YOU STATE FARM! You can believe that when our home and auto insurance comes up for renewal we will contact someone at State Farm. Thanks again - Blessed!

- Harry, OH Assisted by Ryan, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol-Cleveland on October 11

As I sat along the guardrail with a flat tire 2 miles from the Breezewood Exit on the PA Turnpike, I cannot tell you how elated I was when I saw the flashing light of the State Farm Safety Patrol truck. Honestly, it still makes me cry. It was Columbus Day, so that downhill two-lane section of the Turnpike was packed with 18 wheelers and cars just zooming by at 70-plus miles an hour. I had gotten over onto the berm as far as I could, but my door still opened into the lane of traffic. So, I sat there as the car shook with each passing vehicle. The driver, Perry met a crying 60-year-old lady and he was just wonderful! So kind and comforting! The best part of the story came as he assisted me into the tow truck. You see, I have really bad hips and so I managed to get my left leg onto the first step, but the second step was twice as big and so I had to ask Perry to lift my right leg onto the second step and then he assisted me in getting up and into the truck. And again, he did all of that with kindness and graciousness. I have had State Farm insurance on both my house and car for almost 40 years. What a special service the Safety Patrol provides. Thank you so much and shout out to Perry - if there are highway angels, he is certainly one of them.

- Glory, PA Assisted by Perry, Pennsylvania Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol on October 9

I feel ridiculous that I ran out of gas; continuing to communicate about my mistake is out of character for me. However, Brad and Noah of State Farm truck 203 were so professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about my situation at the time that I cannot stop myself from expressing my gratitude to them. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't even know where the fuel filler insert attachment was in the trunk of my car. They did. They were most concerned with my safety. They would not allow me close to the edge of the road. They asked me to stand back and that they would take care of everything. When I tried to offer them some money for their time and fuel they would not allow it; they were very clear that this is their job and mission. Thank you so much Brad, Noah, State Farm and ODOT. This is an extremely helpful service. Although this situation was simple, I am confident that they would respond no differently with a breakdown or accident - as I'm sure they do frequently. THANK YOU!

- Scott, OH Assisted by Brad & Noah, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol-Toledo on October 8

We had a blowout on a tire on our trailer while driving on Freeway 580. We luckily had an area we could get to and get off the side of the highway. David stopped and helped change the tire. He was great! Made a harrowing experience much less traumatic. The Freeway Assist service is a wonderful service. It has helped us before and is very much appreciated. It provides support, know-how, needed tools, and above all, helps keep an unsafe situation safer.

- Suzanne, NV Assisted by David, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm– Reno on October 5

Today, 10-4-17 my car ran out of fuel on the highway. I was on my way to a meeting for work and planned to stop for gas at the next exit. Unfortunately, my car ran out of fuel and my cell phone battery had very little charge. I attempted to contact my husband (who had taken our children to school) with no success, and my cell phone went dead. Suddenly, here comes a NCDOT State Farm truck to the rescue! I have seen these trucks many times while driving down the highway but never knew what they were for. Well today I learned, and I am forever grateful for this wonderful service. Lawrence pulled right up, provided me with enough fuel to get my car started and gave me reassurance that everything was going to be okay. He was friendly, courteous, and presented me with such a warm smile that the worry and panic that I felt instantly became nonexistent. Thank you NCDOT and an extra special thank you to Lawrence for his kindness and true passion for helping others!

- Katina, NC Assisted by Lawrence, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Greensboro/Winston–Salem on October 4

I was on the exit ramp for 50B Millburn (off of Route 78) when the tire quickly went flat and I had to stop. There was no shoulder and I couldn't safely put the spare on. I was waiting for my car manufacturer's road service which would've been another 45 minutes. I was outside of the car on the grass waving cars away when Patrolman Frank pulled over on the highway with lights flashing. I went to talk to him, and he told me that he was going to change my tire and get me out of my unsafe position. He backed up, got on the ramp, pulled behind me and shielded my car with his truck. He also put down some orange cones. In a flash, he had the spare on and me on my way. He was genuinely concerned, caring, and extremely courteous and professional. He was 'my hero'. Also, thanks to the incredible service, I was able to get to a scheduled event. Thanks again to Patrolman Frank, NJDOT, and State Farm.

- Jordan, NJ Assisted by Frank, New Jersey DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Northern New Jersey on October 4

Out of fuel. Mark the patrol driver was a life-saver, and very nice and professional. The State Farm Assist Patrol Program and Mark saved me from so much aggravation, and helped me get on with my day so much faster and safer. Mark also gave us directions to the nearest gas station. I would rate Mark 15+ out of 10. Thank you for being there, Mark and the State Farm Assist Patrol.

- Carlos, ME Assisted by Mark, Maine Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol on October 4

Very rarely do I write reviews or give feedback on things, but this incident certainly needs some recognition. My car had broken down on the middle of the highway during rush hour traffic. I was able to pull to the side, thankfully. I immediately dialed 311 and was transferred. Within 6 minutes Greg arrived. He attempted to do some troubleshooting with my car and as he predicted, my transmission had failed. He gracefully helped me with removing some things out of my car and drove me about 5 miles to my home. He was so pleasant and very professional. I was terrified at the time because, being not only new to the area but never having this kind of event happen, I did not know what to do or expect. I am very grateful that [Greg] came to my rescue and appreciate all the services this wonderful establishment offers. Thank you all!

- Angel, NC Assisted by Greg, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Charlotte on October 3

Experienced a blowout on I-94 heading east between 84th St and 70th. While we were waiting for help from our insurance, your truck pulled up and the driver, Vincent asked how he could help. After explaining the problem, he told us he would be happy to change the tire. He explained there would be no charge whatsoever. I was very grateful for his help, offered him money, and he refused to accept, saying he was happy to help. In 15 minutes, we were on our way. We had no idea this service existed and will sing its praises to anyone who will listen. As for Vincent, he conducted himself in the best possible way. He should be commended for his pleasant and professional demeanor.

- Robert, WI Assisted by Vincent, Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 1

My fuel gauge was acting up and my car stalled on the highway right at my exit! While waiting for my roadside assistance to be dispatched (was going to be very timely and costly). Joe had pulled over behind me. I saw the State Farm truck and assumed it was a mistake. He approached my vehicle and asked what he can do to help so I'm not putting myself at risk being stopped on the left shoulder. He quickly got me some gas and made sure I was able to start my vehicle. I was so appreciative of the time and money that was saved because of a genuine safety concern. I even tried to tip him (a pretty decent amount) and he adamantly declined. :) His integrity for what he did and the thoughtfulness of State Farm for those who are non-customers was unlike anything I've experienced. I am not with State Farm, nor was that even a topic of discussion during my ordeal. I also hadn't been in the market for a new insurance provider BUT I will definitely be seeing what options State Farm has because of the incredible service!!! I hope Joe gets the recognition he deserves. Even my roadside assistance overheard the conversation and was impressed!!!

- Erika, OH Assisted by Joe, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol-Cleveland on September 25