Bill B. told me he saw me pulled over on the side of 295N while he was headed southbound and like a "good neighbor," he turned around and provided some excellent assistance in changing my flat tire. This is the first time I have ever had to use the Assist Patrol program and I am very grateful that good people like Bill are out patrolling and helping out where they can.

- Andre C., NJ Assisted by Bill B., New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm - Southern New Jersey on January 22nd

Noah, Truck 203, put fuel in my vehicle. He was very nice and made sure I was okay when he saw how upset I was. I ran out of fuel on southbound US-23, where it merges with I-475, just past the Central Avenue strip. My car was in the V off the road where the two roads merge. It was very scary because trucks were barreling by fast on both sides of me shaking my car. Noah was able to pull in front of me and put gas in my car. On my left side, trucks were coming over a hill to then see me on the right side of them. They were going very fast and I was praying they were paying attention to the road and not distracted. I told Noah I was not sure how I was going to be able to get back on the road. I was scared. He got behind my vehicle and waved trucks over to the fast lane so I could get back on. WOW, that made me feel good. I went up to the next closest exit to get gas at Airport Hwy. to fill up and get back on the expressway I saw Noah truck 203 on the South exit merging back on to US 23 helping another stranded motorist who was pulled over needing help. A big THANKS to Noah, State Farm and ODOT!!!!

- Erin T., OH Assisted by Noah, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Toledo on January 20th

I noticed my temperature in my car rapidly going up. I was on the Innerbelt Bridge in Downtown Cleveland and there is nowhere to pull over. As soon as I could pull over, I did. I immediately noticed the Assist Patrol behind me. I was shocked he was right there! He got out and asked what was going on. He looked under the hood and noticed that my radiator hose had come off. He jacked up my car, replaced the hose, filled it up with coolant and when I went to go start my car, my battery was dead! He jumped started my car and assisted me back on the road. About 2 miles into my drive, my temperature went up again. I pulled over to add more coolant, and Jeff (the Assist Patrol operator) pulled up again and asked me if I needed help. I told him my temperature looked ok. He asked where I was headed, and told me he would keep watch. He followed me all the way to my exit to make sure I was safely off the highway. Jeff is an angel; He has no idea how much his kindness means to me. He could have just sat there while I called a tow truck. Instead, he went way above and beyond to get me going and saved me hundreds of dollars at a mechanic. I am so beyond grateful for this service! Jeff, you saved the day!! I am eternally grateful!

- Jeannine, OH Assisted by Jeff H., Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – near Cleveland on January 20th

My 19-year-old son was on his way to work when his front tire flew off into the distance. My son was lucky to not have crashed; He managed to pull over onto the side of the road where he called me frantic. I hopped into my truck to race to him, before I got there the highway patrol gentleman Chris R. had arrived on scene. He let my son sit in his warm truck while they waited for me. When I arrived, Chris explained to me what happened, how long I had to remove the car, etc.. At that point we had not been able to locate the tire & rim, because it was still very early & dark out. I gave him my number so he could contact me if he found the tire. I fully expected to never find the missing pieces to my son’s car, but soon after daylight hit I received a text message that he found both the tire and the rim (which I may add was in several pieces, which he explained were strewn over about 1/4 mile area). Rather than putting me at risk by meeting at the car, he had me meet him off of an exit where he put the pieces into the back of my truck. I could not thank him enough! He was more than just helpful, he went above & beyond his call of duty in order to help me. I'm fairly certain that I am not the only person that Chris has assisted to this degree. His manners & level of respect were phenomenal, being a woman alone dealing with this situation could have potentially been a more harrowing experience. Instead, he turned a scary situation with my son and his car, in the dark, on the highway, into a more tolerable, and more manageable event. While I hope I don't need to utilize this service again in this way, it certainly makes the thought of a potential situation way less intimidating.

- Heather K., NH Assisted by Chris R., New Hampshire DOT Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm on January 16th

I hit debris on I-94, which slashed a thumb-size hole in the side wall of my right front tire. I pulled over to the side of the highway immediately, got out of the car and checked the tire. Once I saw the flat tire, I returned to the vehicle and began searching through my phone's Internet service for assistance. That's when the terrific young man, Steve F., pulled up behind us in an emergency vehicle, lights flashing. He immediately exited the emergency vehicle and placed reflective plastic traffic cones on the roadside for protection. I met Steve on the side of the road, explained the circumstances and he offered to change my tire for me. I was extremely impressed with his kindness and thoughtful demeanor. Once I accepted his offer, he suggested I return to my vehicle for safety purposes and the rest is history. He did a terrific job changing the tire. Within minutes after his arrival, we were back on the road. Steve is a great person who deserves a lot of credit as a technician and a thoughtful human being. By the way, Steve also resembles Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jake Arrieta, Jake from State Farm.

- Dennis N., IN Assisted by Steve F., Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- Northwest Indiana, near Gary on December 28th

It was rush hour traffic. I was on my way home to Gainesville, GA from downtown Atlanta on 400N in the far left lane, just before the North Springs Marta Station, when my left rear tire blew. Needless to say I was petrified. I was able to pull over into the margin and called 511. Prior to the HERO unit arriving, a police unit arrived and was able to stop traffic long enough for me to safely move my vehicle over to the right side of the highway where the tire could safely be changed. The police left and shortly afterward the wonderful HERO agent arrived. His name is Reggie; It was a very cold night and it was so wonderful he arrived to help. I went to get the spare out of the trunk and he politely told me, he would get the tire, there was no need for me to. I asked if there was anything I could do to help him and he responded by saying, “yes, you can go sit in my truck, stay warm and safe while I get this done.” He was very quick, very professional and courteous. When he finished, he even checked my other three tires and pointed out that the other rear tire was also in need of changing and cautioned me to get the tires changed in the morning. He truly was my Hero!! I tried to tip him and he absolutely refused. He said my safety and thank you was more than enough. This program is so fantastic. I can't thank you enough.

- Valeria S., GA Assisted by Reggie H., Georgia DOT HERO patrol sponsored by State Farm – near Atlanta on December 22nd

My patrol driver was very, very courteous and helpful and informative about the condition of my rim and about purchasing new tires. My car suffered a tire blow-out due to some pallets falling off the back of a truck into my lane. I contacted GDOT Patrol and the service was very prompt. My driver's name was Wingo and he was great! He showed me where the rim and the tire were damaged and gave me some suggestions on options for replacement. I also had my two little cousins in the car with me ages 8 and 6; He was very concerned for their safety. This service was very helpful and I was able to get back on my way within 20 minutes. This service is very much needed and prevented me from having to wait for roadside assistance through my insurance. Thank you Wingo, GDOT and State Farm!

- Kehli H., GA Assisted by Wingo, Georgia DOT HERO patrol sponsored by State Farm – near Atlanta on December 19th

Especially during the holiday season, it’s so wonderful to have a positive reason to contact you and inform you of the kindhearted actions taken by a member of State Farm’s Pennsylvania Turnpike Safety Patrol. As I’m typing this, I find myself continuing to feel so appreciative for the assistance that was provided to me, my wife, and our 7-year-old daughter on the afternoon of Sunday, December 18, 2016. If I went into all the details, this would be more of a short story rather than a simple message of extreme gratitude, so I’ll keep it as straightforward as possible. Our vehicle had broken down and my wife had already not been feeling well. Our insurance carrier’s roadside assistance stated a tow truck would take possibly an hour or longer to get to us. (I know now that I should have dialed *11.) As we waited, my wife began feeling more and more ill, and over an hour later, there was still no tow truck—that’s when Mr. Ralph pulled up and asked if we needed assistance. Let me just say that the help Mr. Ralph provided went above and beyond. He was not only professional, but friendly and compassionate in a situation that for us had escalated from just an inconvenient breakdown to one that had become increasingly concerning. We are all so truly grateful for what he did for us that day and I felt compelled to express a heartfelt “thank you” to Mr. V on behalf of my family.

- Todd K., PA Assisted by Ralph V., Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission State Farm Safety Patrol – near Philadelphia on December 18th

I was driving my 1972 Nova to work when suddenly it started to overheat. While I was sitting there waiting on the tow truck, Kevin pulled up and offered some assistance to me. I am a mechanic and knew what I needed to fix. I did not have the tools for the job, but Kevin did! I got the wiring sorted out in about 10 min and had the car running again in no time. This service is just amazing! Kevin saved me a lot of time and helped me get back on the road safely! He was fast, helpful and very nice. Your team is awesome! Now I am thinking about switching my insurance to you guys now. Thanks again!

- William, NV Assisted by Kevin, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm – near Las Vegas on December 9th

I am 84 years old, with hearing problems and have mobility problems due to Myasthenia Gravis. I was driving to an appointment with my ear doctor and was in the center lane of I-465, where it meets I-70, when my Jeep Cherokee just stopped. Traffic was very heavy with multiple lanes on either side of me, making it impossible for me to get out of the car and get to the shoulder as I was instructed to do by the 911 operator. So, I stayed in my automobile to wait. Less than 5 minutes after I called 911, Aaron with Assist Patrol pulled up behind me and waited until the State Police got there. After the police blocked the traffic, Aaron PUSHED my Jeep across four lanes of traffic to a safe place on the side of the road and then stayed with me until the tow truck arrived. Aaron wished me luck and left - I assume to help others. I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the outstanding and courteous service I received from Aaron, who helped me out of a VERY dangerous situation. (P.S. I am Walter's daughter and am actually typing this on his behalf since he does not have a computer - I want to add my heartfelt thanks for Aaron for making sure my dad is still with us!!)

- Walter B. Sr. & His Daughter, IN Assisted by Aaron, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm - Central Indiana - Indianapolis on December 1st