"I was driving on the Florida’s Turnpike with a trailer on my truck when I got a nail in my back tire. Long story short, I had to take the truck off the trailer and by the time we took the truck off, a State Farm safety patrol arrived and asked how he could assist me. I told him I had a flat tire and he said ‘we will help you with that’. I was so grateful that William stopped and assisted us. He was a lifesaver and I want to thank him so much for assisting us. We are from Canada and the service from the safety patrol was amazing. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much, and have a great day."

- Christine, FL Assisted by William, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on June 25

"My wife and I had just left the Denver city limits and were almost to Castle Rock on I-25 when I must have run over a piece of metal that punctured my left rear tire. The tire went flat immediately, but fortunately, I was able to make it off the Interstate at an exit and to a ‘Loaf n’ Jug’ convenience store. I called On-Star and they said that they could have someone out to me in an hour or more. Within about 30 minutes, I saw the assist patrol trucks pulling into the parking lot where my wife and I were parked. I waved him down and asked him if he was sent by the On-Star people, but he did not know anything about the On-Star request. Your driver’s name was Atom, and he stated that if we wanted his help he would be happy to change our flat for us, which he did. After he finished, I tried to give him a tip for his help and he said he was not allowed to take any remuneration or tip for his services. Atom was a Godsend and he was very courteous and knew exactly what to do for us. He got my wife and I back on the road and safe. Thank you for the assist patrol program and for people like Atom!"

- Kerry, CO Assisted by Atom, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 24

"Like a good neighbor, Jacob was there. I was having one of the worst days of the year. My prosthetic leg ran out of battery and so I was unable to walk, the air conditioning on my car broke, I missed my alarm and slept in for work, and lost my wallet. Only after all of that, I ran out of gas on the freeway. Jacob showed up and put gas in my car, got me going, and even refused a tip after I aggressively tried to give one to him. What a classy guy. Thank you Jacob and thank you State Farm."

- Chandler, NC Assisted by Jacob, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Raleigh on June 22

"My tire blew out on the busy Route 80. I tried to change the flat but the wheel was rusted on. I was waiting for a tow truck I had called when a safety service patrol truck pulled up. He asked if he could help, and within 5 minutes he had my spare on! I begged him to take some cash for breakfast but he said, ‘t’s my job, I can’t take it and your tax dollars paid for this.’ I couldn’t believe it! I called and canceled the tow truck, which saved me $130 dollars later. Thanks Derelle!"

- Jimmy, NJ Assisted by Derelle, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm- Northern New Jersey on June 21

"About halfway through my two and a half hour drive to rescue my daughter, I realized I was driving on a flat tire. I pulled over to the shoulder and desperately tried to contact my husband to get help. In the midst of trying to coordinate help from my husband and insurance company, Darrell showed up. He told he happened to be on the opposite side of the highway and saw me pull over. Due to his commitment to his role, attentiveness to his surroundings, and clear dedication to helping others, he was able to step in. He created a safe environment, got my flat swapped out, and had me back on the road in no time. I can’t express enough what a true relief it was for him to have show up."

- Stephanie, CO Assisted by Darrell, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 20

"While in the leftmost lane on I-71, our left rear tire blew out. We were able to quickly steer the truck onto the left shoulder of the highway. We could have been back on the road in a short period of time, but our spare tire would not lower for us to get it down. We tried everything to no avail. Finally, a Henry County Sheriff stopped to help and contacted the HERO team. They were by our side within 10 to 15 minutes, and with a lot of hard work from Clinton, the spare tire finally released and he helped get the tire on and added air. Clinton was the answer to our prayers, as the location of our vehicle was far too close to the fast lane and the cars and trucks were just screaming by very close. I am glad that both our tax dollars and State Farm funding can sponsor this very helpful and necessary program. Also, we are State Farm insured."

- Sandi, GA Assisted by Clinton, Georgia DOT HERO Sponsored by State Farm- Atlanta June 19

"I hit a piece of debris and had a severe tire failure; the wheel and tire were damaged and needed to be replaced. I pulled over to the right shoulder and began loosening the lug nuts. Nick pulled up behind me and asked if I would like assistance. He asked in such a way that I did not feel any pressure to accept his help. However, I was of course very glad to receive his help. Nick completed the tire replacement and had me on the way in just a few minutes. I really appreciate this service that the DOT and State Farm are providing. The side of the road on the Interstate is a dangerous place to be. Nick shortened the time I spent there by a considerable amount. Thanks very much!"

- Rick, NY Assisted by Nick, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm- Buffalo on June 18

"My husband and I are senior citizens and we had a flat tire on the way down to our son’s house for Father’s day dinner. Patrick pulled up behind us about 15 minutes after we pulled off to the side of the road. He was so professional and was able to get the spare tire from under the car, fill it with air, and put us back in our car within 10 minutes. He was an amazing angel! He made our Father’s day possible. He is professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful! Thanks Patrick!"

- Andrea, FL Assisted by Patrick, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on June 16

"My driver’s side tire blew out on Route 95 headed north near Madison, Connecticut. My roadside assistance told me it would be at least 9 minutes. The traffic was heavy but I managed to pull onto the grass on the side of the highway. Within 10 minutes, the Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol truck pulled alongside me and shielded me from the traffic. The driver, David, was just great. He took off the tire and put on my spare in minutes. I cannot thank him enough. Five stars to you, David."

- Nicholas, CT Assisted by David, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 14

"I really need to upgrade my car, but I can’t afford to at this time, because my car had overheated this morning on my way to work. The patrol driver stopped and offered assistance. This is the third time I’ve been stranded and provided service. The first time I didn’t think too much about the service, the second time was a life saver, and now I think this is a valuable service to any stranded or emergency situation. Plus, I felt safer after seeing the identifiable State Farm truck. Thanks for this much needed program that is helpful, efficient, and safe."

- Linda, NC Assisted by Jeff, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol– Greensboro/Winston-Salem on June 13

"It was a really hot day and I was on a very busy part of I-25 alone with my son, so it was a miracle when Kenny pulled up behind me to help! My car was overheating and he was able to safely remove the radiator reservoir and refill the radiator fluid. He also assisted me in getting back on the highway and gave me advice to prevent the car from overheating during the rest of the drive home. He also assured me that there was another CDOT truck on the 36 turnpike should I break down again on my way home. He was awesome, kind, professional, so helpful and arrived just minutes after my car broke down. I felt so safe getting help from him! I was happy my son got to see an example of a competent, helpful man. Thank you, Kenny! You're my hero."

- Jennifer, CO Assisted by Kenny, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 10

"I had just run out of gas and pulled out a gas can from my trunk hoping to get a little bit just to get me to the next exit when out of nowhere this sweetheart, patrol driver Barry, was immediately there. He was concerned about our safety and kept making sure we stayed off the side of the road. He put gas in our car, more than enough, and was so kind and sweet. Then, he offered me this brochure because I have never heard about MDOT and we read what services they offer if there is ever a situation like ours. I can’t thank you all enough, let alone Barry. I am beyond grateful to have been offered these services that are free at that, but I would never mind paying anyway. Barry is probably the sweetest man ever, so thank you again. I am keeping my brochure in my car and will be making copies to show my other driving friends."

- Brooke, MD Assisted by Barry, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol Sponsored by State Farm- Frederick Area on June 8

"The patrol driver Aimee brought me gas on mile marker 87.3. I had already called my fleet number, was transferred to Subaru roadside assistance, and was finally told they could not get in contact with anyone to help me since it was a restricted part of the turnpike. Those phone calls took about 45 minutes after being on hold and having to be transferred. They told me to dial *11 and Aimee was there in 5 minutes! So easy to use, I was not put on hold, and service was fast and friendly. Never take this service away. Aimee was so fantastic and nice."

- Amy, PA Assisted by Aimee, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission State Farm Safety Patrol- Pittsburgh on June 6

"We were stuck on the side of road on the Turnpike; our tire blew on the passenger side of our boat trailer. We had to pull over to the grass shoulder where the tire that blew wrapped around the wheel and the rim buried halfway into the ground, due to soft grass and soil. Our jack could not lift the 4,000 pound boat enough to free the rim or the tire. A gentleman pulled up behind us and from the minute he arrived he was the most helpful guy we had ever met. He asked what the problem was, assessed the situation, and asked if we needed help and if we would like him to help us. We of course told him yes and he made sure we were safe and away from traffic while placing cones all around his work area and us to protect us from danger and oncoming traffic. He put tire chalks under our tires to make sure we didn't roll while jacking up our trailer and took the tire off. He worked hard to take out the damaged tire which had wrapped around our wheel and was tangled. Upon removing the tire, he realized the shell cover fender was bent and I asked if he could fix it so it didn't pop the tire. Now, I know my spare would pop if it isn't fixed. I didn't think he would be able to fix it but he kindly went to the back of truck came back with a sledge hammer and with what seemed like no effort at all pounded out the fender wheel well and made it like new. He proceeded to put the spare on and it was like new. I would have to say this guy was amazing and very passionate about his work. This is tax money well spent. He made us feel safe, happy, relieved, and glad our community has such great people working to help others. You could tell he loved helping people and is an asset to his job and community around him."

- Jean, FL Assisted by Chris, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on June 5

"My tire went flat and I made it to the side of the road on Route 81 at 5:15 PM. It was rush hour and traffic was crazy. I was there no more than 2 minutes when Torri pulled up. He was calm, kind, and quick. I was back on the road in 10 minutes and I was able to make it to daycare on time. I don't know what I would have done without him. I offered to give him money for dinner and he refused, laughed and said, ‘this is from PennDOT & State Farm ma'am.’ I am so grateful for the help. Thank you."

- Christy, PA Assisted by Torri, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Harrisburg on June 4

"Jorge was my hero yesterday afternoon. I had just experienced my second tire blow out in 3 weeks, both of them on a busy toll road. I didn't call for help the first time because I assumed I could change it myself before help even arrived. However, this time I decided to call for help. I was still on hold and had yet to even request assistance when Jorge pulled up behind me. He instantly followed the safety procedures by securing the area and jumped right in to help me. He was not only helpful, prompt, respectful and kind, but what really stuck out was that he was so personable and had an impeccable demeanor. Yesterday, he not only helped me during a very stressful time but he listened, showed concern and compassion, and engaged in friendly conversation that let me know he was not just doing his job but that he was truly doing what he loved and enjoyed! Should I ever need roadside assistance again, I do hope that I can specifically request his services. Jorge wasn't just my hero for the day, but he was truly a comforting factor in an otherwise stressful and discouraging moment."

- Barbara, FL Assisted by Jorge, Florida DOT Road Rangers Sponsored by State Farm- Orlando/Daytona Area on June 3

"Ryan showed up with the best timing. I had a van full of Boy Scouts and gear heading to camp when the engine overheated! He saw us and offered immediate help. He knew just what to check and do and got the boys back on the road in no time. He was an angel and very helpful, plus for free. We had no idea that this service was out there. Now that we have a daughter driving, I'm happy to know she has help if it’s needed quickly. Thank you so very much. What a great service. Ryan is the best!"

- Lisa, NY Assisted by Ryan, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm- Buffalo on June 1

"I have an anxiety disorder and experienced a panic attack while driving southbound on I-25 near exit 212. It is unsafe for me to operate a vehicle during one of these attacks, so I was forced to pull over to the shoulder to wait for the symptoms to subside. These attacks are agonizingly terrifying and having one while driving is one of my worst fears. Within minutes of pulling over, John from the Assist Patrol stopped behind me and offered his help. After I explained the situation to him, he stayed with me for the duration of the attack, helped me re-enter traffic safely, and followed me to my freeway exit to ensure that I would have help if I experienced any further problems. John was extremely compassionate and caring about the situation and his willingness to stay with me during my attack was an absolute Godsend. I've never felt as vulnerable on the highway as I did today and having John there to help me felt like a miracle. I cannot thank him enough. This is a wonderful service and I am grateful that it exists in my state. Thank you John!"

- Daniel, CO Assisted by John, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 30

"I was on my way to my office to drop off paperwork on 35 East and I blew my back passenger tire. I was able to get my Pacifica over to the side of the road. I was trying to locate everything I would need to change the tire and put the spare on when I noticed that a State farm assist patrol vehicle pulled up behind me. I noticed the gentleman was setting cones out and he came up and introduced himself as Dustin and explained about the program and what he does. He helped get the spare out and noticed the rim of the spare was horribly rusted and was unsafe. He explained he didn't trust it not to snap, so we waited for my son to get to me; my husband has just had his fourth major surgery and is full of staples. Dustin left the cones out and stayed behind me! I felt very safe knowing he was there. This is an awesome program and Dustin is an awesome employee and my husband is very thankful for keeping me safe."

- Jennifer, OH Assisted by Dustin, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol– Dayton on May 29

"Our car broke down on 94, just short of Hudson, and a patrol was there within minutes, respectfully assessing the situation and providing quick advice and help. He was very concerned with our safety and was monumental in a smooth departure from the shoulder. He was professional, kind, and concerned. It was a wonderful surprise and was beyond appreciated by my entire family in our scary time."

- David, WI Assisted by Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Zoo Interchange on May 25

"Sean was the last person I expected to see pull up behind my overheated vehicle. I had called my wife to pick me up as I figured it would take hours to cool. Within minutes, Sean had my vehicle radiator refilled with coolant and water. I had not suspected such as I had not seen the vehicle leak fluids. His knowledge and instincts were on point and I was underway and able to get my vehicle home without further incident. I have seen your services on the side of the Interstate from time to time, but never expected to be helped myself. These services rendered by your agency and received by myself and others are truly a great thing. My evening was greatly improved tonight. I cannot effectively express my gratitude for Sean’s abilities, professionalism, and kindness, as well as for the services you provide citizens."

- Matt, NV Assisted by Sean, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm- Reno on May 24