"We had a tire failure while Northbound on Route 684 during rush hour, just south of the Danbury, Connecticut exit. Traffic was heavy and we were concerned about trying to get out of the car to check the tire while waiting for AAA to come. The HELP truck arrived and immediately put up a flare and warning cones to keep the traffic away from us while parking behind us with his lights on. The driver, Ismail, was so helpful! He was really pleasant and so nice to us! He’s truly a Good Samaritan. When the tow arrived, the driver and Ismail worked to get our spare out from beneath the Jeep and get us back on the road quickly. Thanks so much for this service! Ismail also followed us out of the shoulder so we could safely re-enter traffic. He said it was his job, but I say he’s a true hero!"

- Bonnie, NY Assisted by Ismail, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm- Lower Hudson Valley on August 16

"The right rear trailer tire on our loaded horse trailer blew while we were in a large construction zone on I-94 West of Eau Claire, WI. We were on our way for a veterinary evaluation. My wife got the truck and trailer to an exit some 10 miles later. We had just climbed out and assessed the trouble when, as my wife says, an angel, Ben, drove up in the Wisconsin DOT/State Farm assist truck and got out. With a very nice, ‘How may I help you?’, he set out to change our tire and get us back on the road. This was a fantastic service and will always be remembered by us "

- Tom, WI Assisted by Ben, Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Zoo Interchange on August 15

"Something happened to my Kia just minutes ago, and I didn’t know what to do. One of your drivers stopped to check on me and gave me a bottle of water. After he left, I was trying to get in touch with a tow truck company, but couldn’t because my phone has no cell service. Basically, I was back in the same boat I was in. I looked up and another driver had stopped to help me! It must be my lucky day! The second guy tried to get my car started but couldn’t, so he then called a tow truck for me. He talked to me while we waited and sat there with the tow truck driver and myself the whole time; keeping the traffic away from us. It made me feel much safer. He even helped us back onto the highway. I’m very thankful for your program and both of your drivers!"

- Aaron, NC Assisted by Lee, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Greensboro/Winston-Salem on August 14

"Jeff and Dave were amazing! I had just moved to Cleveland and had been shopping for furniture. I was on the highway with a truckload of furniture and a blown flat in my new Honda CRV. I could not find my AAA card, so I had no idea what to do; I just wanted to cry. I was on the highway so I didn’t feel like I was in a safe place. Luckily, I pulled up behind a state trooper who was already assisting a damaged vehicle. He told me not to worry, and he was going to call State Farm and they would change the flat for me. I could not believe it! Jeff and Dave were amazing! They came out, unloaded all the furniture out of the back of the CRV (they had to, to get the spare) and changed the tire. They were so courteous and kind, as was the state trooper on duty. I did not get his name, but he too was amazing! Then they put all my furniture back in the truck, some of it was heavy, and alerted me that I was leaving some of my stuff on the road. Amazing! It was the best roadside experience ever! Most of those experiences are just miserable because you are just waiting, waiting and waiting in some unpleasant place. I have always had back luck with tires, which is why I always have my AAA card handy, but I think I had given it to my son this time. This was the easiest experience I had while getting a flat changed! It was just wonderful!"

- Amber, OH Assisted by Jeff & Dave, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Cleveland on August 13

"My family and I unfortunately ran into some trouble outside of Denver, Colorado, while driving back home to El Paso, Texas. Some of our luggage fell from the top of our van onto I-25 South during heavy traffic. Thankfully, Atom from State Farm’s Assist Patrol came and gave outstanding assistance by safely helping with traffic control and locating and securing my belongings quickly, but most importantly safely. After that, he even made sure that my family and I were safe to continue on our passage. Atom is an outstanding person and I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t been there; it could have been much worse. Thank you and bless you, Atom for coming to our rescue."

- Karen, CO Assisted by Atom, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 12

"I was pulling a 20 foot walk-around boat with my Ford F-150 four-wheel drive on Route 55 southbound in Salem County, New Jersey. My right trailer tire blew pretty violently; the tire turned my fender into a pretzel. I managed to get the bad tire off, but did not have a robust enough jack to get the trailer lifted high enough to place the spare tire on. In addition, I couldn’t bend the steel fender to accommodate the new tire. As I was trying to obtain road service from my Boat U.S. trailer assistance policy, Dante spotted me and stopped for assistance. Dante had the air compressor/tools on board his truck, which enabled him to remove the fender from the boat trailer. He also had a heavy duty floor jack that enabled him to easily raise my boat trailer so that the new tire could get installed. He finished the mounting of the spare tire on the trailer. I’m deeply grateful for his service. As prepared as I was, I didn’t have the right tools/jack to remove the mangled fender and install the spare. Dante was a lifesaver. Thank you for being at the right place at the right time for me. The State Farm Assist Patrol program is simply invaluable for those needing assistance on the road. Keep up the excellent work!"

- Glenn, NJ Assisted by Dante, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm- Southern New Jersey on August 10

"The patrol driver quickly arrived shortly after I had pulled over on the side of I-95 South in Scarborough, Maine. He was extremely polite, kind, and safe. He spoke to me and was happy to help. I had called AAA and he asked his dispatch to cancel the AAA request on my behalf, which I really appreciated. He set up safety cones behind his vehicle and I felt much safer on the side of the highway with his help. He carefully and efficiently used his tools to remove my flat tire and replaced it with the spare tire from my vehicle. He was very pleasant to deal with and I was extremely happy with the entire encounter and am very thankful for the quick service. Thank you!"

- Caity, ME Assisted by the Maine Turnpike Authority State Farm Safety Patrol on August 7

"I had run out of gas on the expressway and I was told I would have to wait for 45 minutes to an hour for AAA plus. Juan came to the passenger side and at first I was afraid, but when I saw the INDOT truck and how he was so professional and kind I felt better. He provided me with some gas so I could get to a gas station. I truly appreciate this service. I had no idea until today it existed. I had no idea this service was offered, but I feel that it’s wonderful for someone like myself. Thank you so much for offering it. It also sheds a great light on State Farm, making me feel that someone cares."

- Debra, IN Assisted by Juan, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- near Louisville on August 6

"Apparently we picked up a screw from debris on the Interstate, causing our tire to deflate. Our vehicle does not have a spare, only a compressor with liquid to seal the leak in the compressor. The hole was too large to seal and we were completely at a loss as to how to solve this. Henry pulled up, looked over the situation, walked back to his truck, picked out a large screw and ratchet, screwed it into the tire and pumped up the tire! He stayed with us to make sure it held air and sent us to the next exit where he told us where to have the tire properly repaired. Unbelievable service! This makes us happy that we are State Farm customers. We will absolutely tell our agent how much we appreciate State Farm for this sponsorship!"

- Larry, GA Assisted by Henry, Georgia DOT HERO Sponsored by State Farm on August 4

"Devon went above and beyond to reattach a part to my car that had fallen half off at the bottom of my vehicle when going over the speed bumps located before the toll booth. He took great care to observe all of the safety rules. He was very personable and showed great concern for my two grandchildren that were in the car with me. In short, Devon was definitely a blessing to us and made sure we got back on the road and to our destinations safely. Thank you, Devon and thank you, State Farm!"

- Terri, FL Assisted by Devon, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on August 3

"I had a flat tire on a busy stretch of highway and had needed to pull over in a space between the highway and an on-ramp. Since the rain was pouring down and there was not much of a shoulder at the location, I was concerned about how visible my car was to other drivers on the highway. Your driver saw us, stopped and asked if we needed assistance. When your driver pulled up, I immediately felt safer with his bright yellow lights flashing behind us. He kept our safety in the forefront as he directed us to stay in the car with our seatbelts fastened while he changed the flat tire. He was an absolute blessing!"

- Deborah, MD Assisted by the Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on August 2

"I kept hearing a clicking noise in my car as I was driving up 75 North, heading to Lincoln Heights. I pulled over in the emergency lane because I didn’t want to continue to drive without first checking it out. As I was looking under my hood, I noticed the State Farm assistance truck pull up behind my car. I wasn’t there for 5 minutes before Corey pulled up and helped me to get back on the road. I have roadside assistance with my insurance plan, however before I could even find their number you were there! Thanks, Corey and State Farm, for being there."

- Geneva, OH Assisted by Corey, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Cincinnati on July 30

"He had towed us to safety at an off-ramp and changed our tire. I am so thankful for #AssistPatrol. My son blew a tire on 581 and Phil and I went straight there, but AAA said it would be a 2 hour wait. A minute later, Travis pulled up in the PennDOT/State Farm truck and towed us to a safe location and changed the tire. Thank you #AssistPatrol. We’d still be sitting out there in danger waiting on AAA. Honestly, they very well could have saved our lives. We were about 6 inches from the lane with cars going 60+ mph."

- Maria, PA Assisted by Travis, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Harrisburg (non-turnpike) on July 26

"I had a flat tire on I-70 and Vasquez when Tomm noticed me on the shoulder of an on-ramp. I explained to him that I do not have a jack or socket wrench. He then noticed my truck was a Ford and so was his truck. Tomm then used his tools to get my spare tire off and continued to put the spare tire on the truck. One thing I noticed was that he had a great concern for safety and I really appreciate that! I tried to give him some money and he would not accept any cash. I wanted to say thank you to Tomm, and thank you to State Farm and CDOT."

- Jimmy, CO Assisted by Tomm, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 25

"While driving on I-39/90, my car had a drive train problem and would not go into gear. We coasted as far as we could and were lucky to find a shoulder to pull off on, for there was ongoing construction on that stretch of road. Luckily, the Assist Patrol showed up about 10 minutes after we stopped. Jeff towed us to the Dutch Mill Park and Ride. I didn’t know about this program, but sure am glad it exists! Probably saved us hours of waiting for a tow truck in a dangerous location, and got us off the shoulder quickly. Thanks Jeff!"

- Mike, WI Assisted by Jeff, Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Dane and Rock Counties on July 22

"We had just been rear ended by a drunk hit-and-run driver. We were on the shoulder waiting for highway patrol when Bryan saw us and stopped. Little did we know that it would take the highway patrol an hour and a half to arrive. Bryan assured us that they had been dispatched and even told us what to dial on our phone to check on when the officer would arrive. We were worried about how we would get from NC to MD, where we live, with the rear bumper hanging off. Bryan helped us figure out what to do and then Bryan and my husband fixed it enough to get us home. Having him there talking to us calmed us down and really helped the time fly by. He could have sat in his truck and waited for the officer, but instead he stayed with us talking the whole time. He even stayed with us after his shift was scheduled to be over. Once the officer arrived, he even found out some information from the officer that we were concerned about. Not only did Bryan do an outstanding job, but he was such a good guy. He was so friendly and personable. I felt really proud to have State Farm insurance knowing that they sponsor this program. A bad situation was made so much better because of this program and also specifically because of Bryan!"

- Amy, NC Assisted by Bryan, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- I-95 on July 20